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You may gain access to our personal web-pages by linking via the pictures. Here you find links to the data files that we have chosen to present on this web-site.

List to names of places and villages on Aero:







Genealogy forum Aero is a group of genealogist who wish to make available all such data that is known to us about families from Aero. We also offer to assist anyone who has questions about their ancestors from the island.


Check out any of the data files available on this web-site. The pdf format files have lists of names at the end. The files are generated using "Legacy" software. You may contact any of the Forum members at the mail addresses given. If you are not sure who to contact, send a mail via the "CONTACT" link, at the top right corner of this web-page.



The flag of Aero


If you have a web-site, where you make available information about relatives originating from Aero and their descendants, please mail us a link to you web-site.

Please mail the URL of your web-site, as well as a link to the page where your ancestor from Aero is presented. Please check that we do not already have a link to your web-site.


If you have a story related to Aero which you wish to share with others, you are wellcome to mail us an article either in WORD (doc) or pdf format. The article should be limited to about 3 pages.


It is a condition, that the article is of interest to other Genealogists or that it describes a historic event.


Genealogy Forum Aero will decide which articles to present on this web-site, but we take no responsibility for the content of the articles. Articles are not permitted to contain information that is in conflict with current Danish legislation. It is recommended not to include data of persons still alive.

Pictures may be included.

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